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This story is printed with the permission of my husband.

 I was working on my husband’s family tree.  His birth date was January 07, 1953.  I found his parents’ marriage certificate with a marriage date of December 31, 1952.  At first, nothing seemed amiss.  At a second glance, I figured I had a typo and rechecked my information.  Nope, there was not typo.  My husband’s parents were married 7 days before his birth!!

 I questioned my husband about the marriage date.  He related that his parents never celebrated their anniversary and he had no clue when they were married.  Coincidently, my husband and his first wife were married on the same day in 1976.  Even when he and his first wife selected the date, nothing was said! 

 My father-in-law is deceased.  My mother-in-law is in a nursing home with dementia and could not answer any questions.  So we asked his aunt if she knew why there was only 7 days between marriage and birth.  Her first comment was let me make myself a drink!

 Evidently, my husband is adopted by his father!!  His mother had been married previously for 5 years.  When the divorce was filed, she was pregnant with my husband.  Whether she knew she was pregnant at the time of filing is not known, but the divorce was finalized in August, when she would have been about 4 months along.  She met her second husband at a bar, where they fell head over heels in love.  They were married, the baby was born, and her second husband adopted my husband and had the original birth certificate changed to reflect him as the father. 

 According to my husband’s aunt, the family was sworn to secrecy.  She was able to reveal the name of the biological father.  While some of my husband’s questions have been answered, he now has some more; mainly why was he never told.

Below is a picture of my husband’s adopted father as a child.

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