Goodbye Beautiful Lady

Elizabeth Earle Wallace

As a genealogist, I work with family trees on a regular basis.  Inputting birth dates and death dates come with detachment.  Even for my parents it was without pain or sorrow as their death occurred many years before I started my family tree.

Two weeks ago, my mother-in-law passed away.  Her maiden name was Elizabeth Earle Wallace.  Everyone called her Beth.  She was a wonderful woman, full of laughter and fun.

The funeral was mostly her relatives, a treasure trove of genealogical information.  Stories were shared of her antics as a child or a young woman.  Pictures were passed around and one of her friends pointed out an old boyfriend until “Beth Earle stole him away.”  It was heartwarming to see a side of a woman that I only knew in her more mature years.  She will be missed by her sister and her brother, her sons, and her many relatives and friends.  She will be missed by me.

Maybe some day I will input her death into the family tree, but right now all I can do is bid her a fond farewell and say I love you.




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