The Story of Bob…

  Genealogy work is interesting because often you learn the past isn’t what you were told. At the age of 60, my husband got the shock of his life when it was discovered that the person he thought was his biological father actually adopted him. It was through genealogical research that curiosities were revealed about […]

My very dear Sarah

I met my husband on the internet. One of the ways he impressed me was his ability to convey his thoughts and feelings in the e-mails that we exchanged before we began talking on the phone. His letters were funny, articulate, and heart-felt. I could tell from his writing that he had a sense of […]

Back in the Family

Recently I was given a family bible by my cousin.  The bible was found in my mother’s genealogy research.  The interesting thing is that it did not appear to be from our family!  My cousin asked me to find out if it was a part of our family’s history and, if not, to see if […]

What did you do in the war Grandpa?

The story of the USS Pillsbury is important to me because my maternal grandfather, Ernest George Lengel, served on the ship from September 03, 1942 (the time the ship was put to sea and tested) until November 24, 1944. He served on the ship as a Fire Controlman, which was a sailor responsible for the […]

Texas City Disaster

The Texas City disaster occurred on April 16, 1947 at approximately 9:15am when a fire on board the docked French registered vessel SS Grandcamp caused the cargo of 2,300 tons of ammonium nitrate to detonate. The initial blast devastated the port and ignited the refineries and oil tanks that were on the waterfront. In addition, […]

Ft. Croghan

Bob and I visited Fort Croghan this past Saturday.  This was the third of the first four forts created by the United States government to protect settlers from hostile Indians in Texas. Established in 1849, the Fort consisted of 50 acres from Hamilton Creek westward.  The Fort is difficult to imagine as a large portion […]

U. S. Cadet Nurses

I always knew my mother was a nurse.  I never thought about her going to nursing school and how she paid for tuition.  I found her nursing certificate among her papers after she had passed away.  You can only imagine my surprise when searching for information on, I discovered she had a military file. […]

Goodbye Beautiful Lady

As a genealogist, I work with family trees on a regular basis.  Inputting birth dates and death dates come with detachment.  Even for my parents it was without pain or sorrow as their death occurred many years before I started my family tree. Two weeks ago, my mother-in-law passed away.  Her maiden name was Elizabeth […]

The things you can learn

This story is printed with the permission of my husband.  I was working on my husband’s family tree.  His birth date was January 07, 1953.  I found his parents’ marriage certificate with a marriage date of December 31, 1952.  At first, nothing seemed amiss.  At a second glance, I figured I had a typo and […]

Marital Status

I was divorced.  This is not something I am proud of, or something I want to brag about; however, it is not something I am ashamed of to the point of saying my previous husband had died. In doing my family research, I have learned that I share the divorced status with some of my […]