Back in the Family

Recently I was given a family bible by my cousin.  The bible was found in my mother’s genealogy research.  The interesting thing is that it did not appear to be from our family!  My cousin asked me to find out if it was a part of our family’s history and, if not, to see if I could find out who the owner was.  After some research, I determined that the bible did not belong to any of our family members.  With further research, I was able to find a descendent of the original owner.

Family Bible

Family Bible

I made contact with the gentleman and at first he declined stating that he did not think the person he had in his tree was correct.  After some consideration he asked me if a name was in the bible which it was.  He then said that he would take it.

I don’t know how my mother ended up with this bible, it originated in Indiana.  My mother lived in Kentucky and could have gotten it there but it ended up in Texas.  The family member I sent it to is in Michigan.  It appears the bible has travelled many miles before it got back home.  I am so glad I was able to get this back with its family!

A. R. & M. E. Collins

A. R. & M. E. Collins


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  2. Cindy B. Gustin says:

    I’m so glad you were able to get this Bible back home!!!! I always felt bad having it and not knowing where it really belonged. Good work, Cousin!!!!!

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