Let Me Help You With Your Search

I love puzzles and problems. I am comfortable with numbers and am fascinated with history. These qualities drew me to genealogical research and I want to help you find those ancestors and relatives that are in your family tree.

My name is Nancy Nalle-McKenzie. My mother started tracing her genealogy when I was young and I spent many a vacation traipsing through old cemeteries.The old tombstones with dates difficult to read clearly held a story about the person beneath them. I always wanted to know who they were, where did they come from, and was I related to them.

Retirement allowed me to begin my own family search. I found my 30 years of experience as a financial analyst is invaluable in helping me filter through the information available making sense of the dates and interpreting deed records and legal information.

As a certificate holder of the Boston University Genealogical Research Certificate Program, I am confident that I can help you with your genealogical needs, whether it is creating a family tree, locating a missing heir, performing lineage society research, or any other need that might arise.  I am available for a consultation at your convenience.

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