I wanted my first post of the year to be my announcement of my grades after the completion of the Boston University Genealogical Research Program. So I waited, and waited, and waited.  The grades were due to arrive in January with the certificate from the class coming in February.  I decided to check early February and sure enough there was an address snafu and as a result my grades and certificate did not arrive until late February.

So, as planned, I would like to announce that I made an “A” in the Boston University Genealogical Research Program!!!  My certificate is propped up proudly by Texas Tech University Diploma and my Certified Bank Auditor certificate.  I will buy a frame and hang it in its appropriate place as soon as I get to a town with a Hobby Lobby!!

Since the completion of the class, I have been practicing what I have learned by researching my own family.   The class taught me that identifying who are my ancestors are important, but equally important is getting to know about them with the information available.  I will be falling back on my bank auditing and analysis experience not just to answer who, but also when, what, where, how, and why.  I have also been taught to understand the history around the time that an ancestor has lived.  It is a good thing I like history because there is a lot of research that can be done for each person in a family tree!

I plan to blog on a regular basis with hopes of generating business.  I feel I am now qualified to expand my services from strictly internet searches to actual research at a repository.  I am  updating the web site to reflect my expanded capabilities and that should be completed soon.  I am also going to include in my blogging historical information that pertains to genealogy.

If you know of anyone that is interested in having their family tree done please refer them to me.  I would love to try and help them!



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