The things you can learn

This story is printed with the permission of my husband.  I was working on my husband’s family tree.  His birth date was January 07, 1953.  I found his parents’ marriage certificate with a marriage date of December 31, 1952.  At first, nothing seemed amiss.  At a second glance, I figured I had a typo and […]

Marital Status

I was divorced.  This is not something I am proud of, or something I want to brag about; however, it is not something I am ashamed of to the point of saying my previous husband had died. In doing my family research, I have learned that I share the divorced status with some of my […]


Yesterday I had the opportunity to attend the Grave Dedication Ceremony for Sergeant John Oliver Jinkins (1836 – 1889).   He served in Company G, 26th Mississippi Infantry Regiment for the Confederate States of America.  The ceremony was quite interesting.  A brief history of Sgt. Jinkin’s service was given by his great great  grand daughter.  A  […]


I should have some excuse for the time that has passed since my last blog.  There really isn’t a good one.  Life and summer took over and swept me away.  With the onset of fall, things have been slowing down and I am able to once again sit and place thoughts onto paper; hopefully, more […]

Lineage Societies

A lineage society is an organization where membership is based upon your ancestor’s participation in a particular event.  In some cases, membership is limited to direct line descendants; in other cases, collateral ancestors can be considered.  Membership is granted upon the approval of an application which supports and proves your relationship to the participating ancestor.  […]