Ft. Croghan

Bob and I visited Fort Croghan this past Saturday.  This was the third of the first four forts created by the United States government to protect settlers from hostile Indians in Texas. Established in 1849, the Fort consisted of 50 acres from Hamilton Creek westward.  The Fort is difficult to imagine as a large portion […]

U. S. Cadet Nurses

I always knew my mother was a nurse.  I never thought about her going to nursing school and how she paid for tuition.  I found her nursing certificate among her papers after she had passed away.  You can only imagine my surprise when searching for information on Ancestry.com, I discovered she had a military file. […]

The things you can learn

This story is printed with the permission of my husband.  I was working on my husband’s family tree.  His birth date was January 07, 1953.  I found his parents’ marriage certificate with a marriage date of December 31, 1952.  At first, nothing seemed amiss.  At a second glance, I figured I had a typo and […]

Marital Status

I was divorced.  This is not something I am proud of, or something I want to brag about; however, it is not something I am ashamed of to the point of saying my previous husband had died. In doing my family research, I have learned that I share the divorced status with some of my […]


Yesterday I had the opportunity to attend the Grave Dedication Ceremony for Sergeant John Oliver Jinkins (1836 – 1889).   He served in Company G, 26th Mississippi Infantry Regiment for the Confederate States of America.  The ceremony was quite interesting.  A brief history of Sgt. Jinkin’s service was given by his great great  grand daughter.  A  […]