Lineage Societies

A lineage society is an organization where membership is based upon your ancestor’s participation in a particular event.  In some cases, membership is limited to direct line descendants; in other cases, collateral ancestors can be considered.  Membership is granted upon the approval of an application which supports and proves your relationship to the participating ancestor.  If anyone is interested in joining a linage society, I will be able to assist you in your research, proof, and submission of an application.

Personally, I have recently contacted the United Daughters of Confederacy and am being sent an application.  I am a direct descendent of General Isham Warren Garrott, who was killed by a sharpshooter during the Vicksburg Campaign.   This monument to him can be found Vicksburg National Military Park as well as the site of Fort Garrott, which was named after my courageous ancestor.

Isham Warren Garrott Monument


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