Yesterday I had the opportunity to attend the Grave Dedication Ceremony for Sergeant John Oliver Jinkins (1836 – 1889).   He served in Company G, 26th Mississippi Infantry Regiment for the Confederate States of America.  061
The ceremony was quite interesting.  A brief history of Sgt. Jinkin’s service was given by his great great  grand daughter.  A  musket and a cannon salute was among the  other ceremonies.  I was invited because I have applied for membership to the United Daughters of the Confederacy.  I will be joining the Adam R. Johnson Chapter #2498, which had other members present at the dedication.   Also present were representatives of the Sons of Confederate Veterans.

In researching my family history, I have learned that out of my 8 great grand fathers, 6 served in some capacity in the Civil War.  Of the two who did not serve, one had not arrived to the United States and the other was living in the “Indian Territory” later to become Oklahoma.  Five of my great grand fathers served the Confederacy and one served for the Union.

If you would like to know your family participation in the Civil War and whether or not you qualify for membership to a lineage society linked to the Civil War, I would be glad to assist you in your quest!  Just press the contact button at the top of the page!

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