Class completed!

When I graduated from college, I told my Dad that I was glad that I would never have to go to class again.  He laughed and said that my education had just begun.  At the time, I thought he had lost his mind.  I now know what he was talking about when I think of […]

Halfway there

I have now finished the second module of class and am into the third.  Problem solving and evidence evaluation were the topics covered and again, I have learned a lot!  Research tips, including internet research has been invaluable as well as the names of so many sites available with genealogical information.  At this moment, the […]

Module One – Check

I have now completed the first module of the Boston University Genealogy Program.  I have to tell you that I am enjoying every second I am spending in class!  I actually enjoy the homework and I am learning so much.  I am very blessed at the support I am getting from my husband in this […]

Off to school!

I go back to school on September 4th.  I am taking the online course Certificate Program in Genealogical Research through Boston University.  I even had to buy 3 text books!!  This is a 15 week program that will help me grow my genealogical skill set for both personal or professional development.  The four faculty members […]

More on surnames

In the previous post, I discussed the origination and types of surnames.  Today’s post will discuss the different cultural versions of surnames. Most western countries and what I am most familiar with, have the name order as given name, middle given name, and surname.  However, in many other cultures, it is the exact opposite, the […]


Etymology is the study of the history of words, their origins, and how their form and meaning have changed over time. By an extension, the term “etymology (of a word)” means the origin of a particular word.  Etymology is important in genealogical research particularly with surnames due to the numerous spelling variations found. A surname, […]

Welcome Henry!

Again, I have been negligent in my postings.  I have had a very exciting March.  On March 02nd, I became a grandmother again.  Henry Harrison was born and weighed in at a whopping 3 lbs and 9 oz.  Henry came into the would about 8 weeks before anticipated.  My husband and I loaded up the […]

Coat of Arms

A coat of arms, also called arms,  has long been a symbol of a family’s identity and values.   The design is unique to the individual and his family and will depict the shield, supporters, crest, and motto.  The coat of arms can be worn on a shield and/or a tabard.  The study of coats of […]

Happy Valentine’s Day

The day for lovers!  I wish everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day is a day of romance and a day where many marriage proposals occur.  In my genealogical research I have come across not only marriage records but also Banns of Marriage.  Commonly known simply as banns or bans, it is the public proclamation […]

Slow month

As with any new start up business, the first month was very slow.  After some initial comments on the blog, there didn’t appear to be any traffic on the web site.  However, just recently, I did have a comment and it was even pertinent and valid!  It was also a reminder that the 1940 United […]