I wanted my first post of the year to be my announcement of my grades after the completion of the Boston University Genealogical Research Program. So I waited, and waited, and waited.  The grades were due to arrive in January with the certificate from the class coming in February.  I decided to check early February […]

Class completed!

When I graduated from college, I told my Dad that I was glad that I would never have to go to class again.  He laughed and said that my education had just begun.  At the time, I thought he had lost his mind.  I now know what he was talking about when I think of […]

Halfway there

I have now finished the second module of class and am into the third.  Problem solving and evidence evaluation were the topics covered and again, I have learned a lot!  Research tips, including internet research has been invaluable as well as the names of so many sites available with genealogical information.  At this moment, the […]

Module One – Check

I have now completed the first module of the Boston University Genealogy Program.  I have to tell you that I am enjoying every second I am spending in class!  I actually enjoy the homework and I am learning so much.  I am very blessed at the support I am getting from my husband in this […]

Off to school!

I go back to school on September 4th.  I am taking the online course Certificate Program in Genealogical Research through Boston University.  I even had to buy 3 text books!!  This is a 15 week program that will help me grow my genealogical skill set for both personal or professional development.  The four faculty members […]

More on surnames

In the previous post, I discussed the origination and types of surnames.  Today’s post will discuss the different cultural versions of surnames. Most western countries and what I am most familiar with, have the name order as given name, middle given name, and surname.  However, in many other cultures, it is the exact opposite, the […]


Etymology is the study of the history of words, their origins, and how their form and meaning have changed over time. By an extension, the term “etymology (of a word)” means the origin of a particular word.  Etymology is important in genealogical research particularly with surnames due to the numerous spelling variations found. A surname, […]

Welcome Henry!

Again, I have been negligent in my postings.  I have had a very exciting March.  On March 02nd, I became a grandmother again.  Henry Harrison was born and weighed in at a whopping 3 lbs and 9 oz.  Henry came into the would about 8 weeks before anticipated.  My husband and I loaded up the […]

Coat of Arms

A coat of arms, also called arms,  has long been a symbol of a family’s identity and values.   The design is unique to the individual and his family and will depict the shield, supporters, crest, and motto.  The coat of arms can be worn on a shield and/or a tabard.  The study of coats of […]

Happy Valentine’s Day

The day for lovers!  I wish everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day is a day of romance and a day where many marriage proposals occur.  In my genealogical research I have come across not only marriage records but also Banns of Marriage.  Commonly known simply as banns or bans, it is the public proclamation […]